Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas cards - over a month late!

My good friend, and executive director at Pagnozzi Charities, Sarah, wanted me to design the charity's Christmas card and I was so happy to oblige.

Pagnozzi Charities is a non-profit organization that raises money to grant scholarships to less fortunate children in grades K-8 to play sports. I played off this idea by combining the sports ball designs with funky and colorful stockings. It was a hit!
Studies have shown that sports build great character in children through team building exercises. You can learn more about Pagnozzi Charities on their website

AND... I had so much fun with hers, I decided (at the last minute, kind of) to have a photo shoot with my dog and crank out one for myself. I was even partial to the same font - oops!

Holiday cards, to me, are just as fun to design as they are to receive. In fact, I will have a special surprise to show you after this coming weekend. You will absolutely LOVE it. Yes, that is a hint.

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