Wednesday, June 29, 2011

announcement flashback

My first post back in 2009 was for the first darling addition to my "best friend family."  Today, sweet Molly Jane is TWO years old!  Can't believe how time flies! 

First meeting with Aunt Shuggie and Molly :)

You can see the details of her birth announcement HERE, and for more precious pictures of Molly and her new little sister Chloe, check out Modern Day Family.

Molly, today, on her 2nd birthday! {photo swiped from her dad's facebook;)}

Happy birthday Molly!!



Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

aweee. love that pic of you two! I still can't believe it's been two years! whaaaat?

whitney said...

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Don't have to pass it on, but wanted you to know you are loved :)