Monday, August 8, 2011

a surprise 30th! - texarkana & little rock invitation designer

Happy Monday everyone!

This invitation (and the one coming up next for that matter) is especially important to me as it was honoring a surprise for my one and only brother, and his milestone 30th birthday!  I love my brother so much (and I'm not just saying that) and I know he would do anything in the world for me. We have a great relationship and have so many quirky similarities that I know he and I both have come to love in each other - sorry to those that happen to be around us when we get off on some tangent about a ridiculously stupid commercial!  The things we share and laugh about might not always make sense to others but it's just one of our things. We've been through some tough experiences in our lives that only he and I can understand and relate to with one another. He's smart, funny, kind, compassionate, outgoing (well, perhaps that's an understatement) and is a wonderful friend to many, as can be seen in the number of people that traveled to celebrate his birthday with him!  I'm so proud to have a brother like him - and I was so excited to help plan a special surprise for his birthday! 

The invitations are below and a few pictures are thrown in from the details at the party!

The invitation!
and the details....


custom wine bottle label to match the invitation
Custom wine labels on recycled bottles - used for vases on the tables at the party
Another view of how the invitation design was implemented in the decor... along with some old pics ;)

So glad you were surprised, brother!   I love you Marshall!


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Jennifer said...

I LOVE these invitations! They look so great!!